What We're About

Elizabeth Collins, Maven of Wax & Owner of Spruce 

Elizabeth was first introduced to waxing after years of dealing with sensitive skin. “I’ve always had sensitive skin. From the time I was old enough to shave I’ve dealt with razor burn every time I shaved my legs and unsightly bumps around my bikini area from shaving. I was trading hair for constant discomfort and ugly bumps. I was miserable and knew there had to be a better way.”



Shortly after moving from her hometown of  St. Louis, MO to Denver, CO in 2002 Elizabeth discovered waxing and was hooked. “I couldn’t believe I could finally get the results I wanted from shaving without any of the harsh side-effects. No razor burn, no bumps, and the areas I had waxed stayed smooth and hair free for weeks.”

Eventually Elizabeth decided she wanted to provide this service to others. She attended the esthetics program at Antoine du Chez Academy in Denver where she studied and became licensed in skin care, hair removal, chemical peels, and microdermabrasion. Shortly after licensure she was hired at one of the top waxing studios in the United States where she completed extensive training in the art of waxing and gained years of experience. “I learned so much in my years there. I learned that there is a DEFINITE art & skill to waxing, and I would do my best to perfect it. Waxing is not only about hair removal, it’s about educating your client about hair removal and waxing in particular, and it’s about building relationships. There is a lot of trust involved in receiving these services and it’s my job to earn it and keep it by providing the best experience possible.”


In 2014 Elizabeth and her husband Ryan (a Negaunee native) decided it was time to move closer to family. They left Denver and settled in Skandia where they have a small goat farm. After inquiring around, Elizabeth discovered there weren’t any waxing studios in the U.P and decided it was time to introduce one, and opened Spruce. “For people that are interested in hair removal, I want them to know that waxing is a great option and that it doesn’t have to be scary. I provide a studio that offers waxing services in a clean environment, from a professional with years of experience that is meticulous and dedicated to the art of waxing as well as clients.” Elizabeth is licensed in Esthetics in both Michigan and Colorado.