Why wax?

Waxing is a great option for anyone interested in hair removal. Unlike shaving, it's once a month maintenance and has no risk of razor burn; and unlike laser, waxing works on all hair types and is not as cost prohibitive. When waxing is done consistently, over time the hair comes back finer, more sparse, and sometimes not at all. 

How long does hair need to be?

The general rule is that hair should be at least ¼”, or equal in length to a grain of rice, in order to be long enough to wax. This also equates to around one and a half to two weeks growth for most people.


Can I get a bikini wax while on my cycle?

Yes, we just ask that you arrive with a fresh tampon or menstrual cup in place for sanitary reasons. Also keep in mind that a few days before and during your cycle you may be more sensitive to discomfort. 

Can I get waxed if I'm pregnant?

Of course! We are able to modify waxing positions and adjust our waxing table so pregnant clients can receive services while positioned in a manner that is comfortable for them, no matter how far along. 

Is waxing more painful when pregnant?

Yes and no. We have had clients say they are more sensitive to pain during their wax when pregnant and clients that noticed no difference in sensitivity. It truly is a personal experience. What is important to keep in mind is that when pregnant, hormone levels are increased and for some this may lead to an increased sensitivity to discomfort.